custom self adhesive labels

Custom Self Adhesive Labels

Custom self-adhesive labels can be found everywhere in our lives; they are found as price stickers, product labels, food labels, you name it. With a custom self-adhesive label, you find an indispensable commercial resource to promote and advertise your business image.

There are different types of self-adhesive labels. The difference lies in the adhesives and different backing liners that range from permanent to low tack. You choose the best type of self-adhesive label to customize it. You can raise brand awareness of your business with a customized self-adhesive label that has your logo or name on it.

The permanent sticker is the most difficult to remove; there will be some adhesive residue remaining when you try to remove this label. The removable labels are only for temporary use and can be removed easily without tearing or leaving glue or any material behind. Low-tack self-adhesive labels adhere to a flat surface with static cling.

When choosing the custom self-adhesive label for your business, you have to take the environment into consideration. The paper labels are not advised for outdoor use as they deteriorate with moisture and UV light exposure. The custom self-adhesive label comes in an infinite choice of colors and materials in either matt or gloss paper finish.

Labels are usually ordered from a color printing shop; however, the custom self-adhesive label has to be ordered from screen printers or from specialist digital label printers. This is because you can supply your own artwork or your brand image here to make your custom self-adhesive label. When creating your custom self-adhesive label, it is important that you mention to the printer where you intend to use the label. Mention whether it is to be used in interior or exterior conditions, permanent or temporary or inside or outside of glass.

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