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Self Adhesive Label Adhesives

latex adhesive to indicate the topic of this post.Self adhesive label adhesives pose and important question when choosing your self adhesive labels. The application you have in mind for your labels will have a great bearing on the choice of self adhesive you choose.

Whilst you can be very specific about a particular adhesive, we offer four main self adhesives to all our customers. These are:

  • Removable
  • Permanent
  • Freezer
  • High Tack

Removable Adhesives:

Removable self adhesive label adhesives are idea within some aspects of the retail sector – but not all! If the products you are selling are suited to being given as gifts, it is important to offer labelling in removable format so customers can remove the price of the product before giving the gift.

Other applications for removable self adhesive label adhesives may be found in quality control processing. Removable labels allow stages of production to be monitored easily whilst leaving the product untarnished. Basically, if the labelling is to be temporary, you will want to use a temporary adhesive.

Modern removable adhesives for labels are fully biodegradable, commonly water-soluble and harmless in the environment.

Permanent Adhesives:

Permanent self adhesive label adhesives are suited for most labelling requirements. Whilst permanent adhesives can be removed, they can be difficult and time consuming. Removing a paper label that has been stuck using a permanent adhesive will result in a lengthy scraping exercise as the label is removed. If you want a good adhesion but may want to remove the label at a later date (for example, the re-use a vessel that has been labeled), using a plastic material can help as these are less prone to tear than paper.

Modern permanent adhesives are bio-degradable and will cause no long term damage to the environment.

Freezer Adhesives:

Freezer self adhesive label adhesives are suited for use in very cold condition, normally down to -18oC. Whilst the adhesion is very good, freezer grade adhesive will still strugle to adhere to base products if they are covered with ice. If they are applied to a dry product that is then frozen, the adhesive will perform admirably.

As with removable and permanent adhesives, the freezer adhesive is made from water based solvents and is fully bio-degradable.

High Tack Adhesives:

The high tack adhesives are for extreme labelling needs such as hot, wet or extreme cold. Most often found used in extreme industrial situations or where a label may be subject to extreme mechanical influence (e.g. a type). Coupled with a very durable label material such as polypropylene or polyester based materials, these labels are suited to the roughest of handling.

High tack adhesive may be man-made or derived from latex based sources mixed with volatile organic compounds. If this si the case, it is unlikely that the high tack adhesive will be environmentally inert.

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